When will i finish this book?

I somehow feel these days its very difficult to finish reading a book.When you buy a book , you get so fired up seeing the new book with colorful cover and nice smelling pages.But after 45/50 pages, you just starting to skim over remaining pages .I start to think ‘how much more is remaining’ . A small shoot of boredom creeps in to mind.This has been my story with books.

When we use mobile/laptop for browsing , we are presented with instant , to-the-point info which is usually very brief.I feel we are so exposed to such reading material and ultimately find it impatient to go through big books.At least , that's what i am feeling nowadays.

I bought two big books the other day and now my worry is how i will finish it, certainly i don't like to waste the money which i spend on buying the books.But as it stands now , i am unable to finish the books as i keep on thinking ‘how many more to go’ till i finish the book and master the whole idea of the book.

I do feel sometimes , when we read a book we are missing the interconnections of ideas presented in the book . The author who wrote the book has that birds view of ideas he presented in the book. But unfortunately the reader is left to re-read the book again and again to get that interconnections of ideas presented in the book , which ultimately give you the sensation of ‘mastery of ideas’ mentioned in the book.

Anyways, i am trying to listen to my mind and put down the book instantly when i feel bored. That is better than forcibly reading with displeasure .But how long it take before i master the book…its going to be a long time.

I am a software engineer.Onewho gets bored like normal people